Third Saturday Seminars 2011-12
Return of the Elders!
Unleash Your Wisdom

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To refer to an ancient Chinese saying, "Our World is in interesting times."  The Cold War is over. Technology continues to advance in great leaps. Terrorism has replaced Communism as the "common enemy". Wealth and Poverty continue to grow.  Productivity is mushrooming as is the impact of our species on the planet.

The individual citizen is assaulted with a blinding array of propaganda from every conceivable source. Religious, commercial, political.  We have every reason to be concerned with social, political, health, educational, commercial, international, local etc. issues.

To this observer there are almost no easy answers.  We are presented competing ideas in just about any venue.  The improved flow of information has made it more difficult to ignore the shortfalls of all our institutions and that promises are rarely are fulfilled.

Most of us feel overwhelmed by our mega-governments and mega-companies.  The "flow" is just carrying us along at a fast speed, and sometimes it is difficult to feel that we have much to say even about things which very closely affect our lives.

The Third Saturday Seminar is about empowerment of the individual.  We hope to help the individual to discover  strategies to help him deal effectively in this and the future world through a combination of  acquisition of knowledge and deciding what, if anything to do with it or about it.
We will learn from each other as well as many other sources.  The participant is the only arbiter of his, "right answers."

Third Saturday Seminars Fall Semester

To refer to an ancient Chinese saying, our world is in interesting times and individual citizens are assaulted with a blinding array of propaganda from every conceivable source. The Third Saturday Seminar is about demystification of what is going on around us. Time will also be spent on current events. (Class will meet on 2/19, 3/26, 4/16, 5/21. Note that March date was adjusted for Spring Break).  4 Sessions. No fee.

Lone Star College-Montgomery B102
      Sa        9/17 -11/19      9:30 a.m. - Noon                       Gibby

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This is the eleventh session of the Third Saturday Seminar (TSS). For the 2011-2012 academic year we will keep the theme of Return of the Elders, Unleash your Wisdom!  Thinking that our world is more than slightly off track, it is time for those of us can remember at least one World War, a Cold War, various other military adventures and economic slides, none of which have so far produced the desired results, or at least not for very long, to reengage with what we thought we were retiring from, and start looking for opportunities to offer our wisdom to our world.

We start every session talking a lot about current world events and will continue to do so.

Times & Location:

The Seminar meets once a month September to June at Lone Star College - Montgomery,
3200 College Park Drive,  Conroe, Texas 77384  936-273-7000. 

Normally the meeting is held on the Third Saturday from 09:30am - 12:00 noon in Room B-102.  However, please check the schedule as conflicts sometimes require this to be changed.  We will be pleased to send you an e-mail the week of the session which will remind you of the meeting and usually give you links to the material to be covered. 
To be added to this list please sent an e-mail to: gcgconsult (at)

Membership in the seminar is through the LSC Montgomery ALL (Academy for Lifelong Learning) program or through Leisure Learning.  The ALL program membership is $35 and allows you to participate in TSS and most of the other excellent ALL Activities at no additional cost for the entire year..
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Welcome to the Third Saturday Seminar 2010-2011

Curt Gibby, Spring, Texas

Third Saturday Seminar 2011-2012:  Meeting Schedule

Return of the Elders
Unleash Your Wisdom!

Meetings are from 9:30 am - 12:00 noon.
We normally meet in Room B-102, Lone Star College-Montgomery
3200 College Park Drive Conroe , TX 77384 (936) 273.7000 Campus Map 
North side of TX-242, .95 mi or .47 mi west of I-45 (Exit 79)

Session 1 Who's in Charge of the Cuckoo's Nest? September 17, 2011
Session 2 The Natives are Restless October 15, 2011
Session 3 War, Taxes and Debt November 19, 2011
No Session December 2011
Session 4 DON'T (be) PANIC(ed) January 21, 2012
Session 5 DON'T (be) PANIC(ed) II February 18, 2012
Session 6 Your Money or Your Life March 24, 2012
Session 7 "We must all hang together" April 14, 2012
Session 8 Creativity May 19, 2012
Session 9 June 16, 2012

Questions?:  Contact Curt Gibby gcgconsult (at)


LoneStar Montgomery Maps

From I-45N

Take exit 79 toward TX-242/College park Dr/Needham Rd, 0.2mi

Turn left (West) at TX-242 W/College Park Dr, destination will be on the right

I suggest you take the West Parking Entrance (after the Main Entrance and University Center)

Turn right and right (East) into the parking area.

Drive up the rise and down to park close to Building B (between building F and the brand new Parking Garage. See map.

B-102 is the teaching theater on the first floor just inside the entrance to the left.

The Lone  Star College Montgomery ALL Program:

Academy for Lifelong Learning Program Description
A.L.L. Summer 2012 Course Schedule
Map of campus and parking lots
Or call 936.273.7446

Third Saturday Seminar
To refer to an ancient Chinese saying, our world is in interesting times and individual citizens are assaulted with a blinding array of propaganda from every conceivable source. The Third Saturday Seminar is about demystification of what is going on around is. Time will also be spent on current events. 3 Sessions. No fee.
Lone Star College-Montgomery BI02
S    9/17-11/19   9:30 a.m. – Noon    Gibby
Spring Session TBA

Come, join the discussion! Let's see if there is hope!

Public Service Announcements: Here some other  ALL Courses you may want to attend......

Chaos in the Middle East
Increase your awareness of history in Islamic countries and Western Europe and gain insight into the chaos theory. Hear about lessons of history predicted today’s Middle East uprisings that resulted in a state of chaos. This course will show how the universal natural law, described by chaos theory explained the rise and fall of the 15th and 1 6th century Catholic Monarchies and how that history lesson applies to the recent rapid fall in power of the autocratic rulers of the Middle East. 1 Session. No fee.
Lone Star College-University Center at Montgomery
16020    W    11/2  1 - 2:50 p.m.   Peek


The Roots and Enduring Legacy of the Enlightenment
We will discuss how a few men, from Copernicus to Newton to Voltaire to Beethoven totally changed western civilization resulting in the Renaissance and Enlightenment, encompassing the Scientific Revolution, and overturning centuries of dogma based on Aristotle and the church.
1 Session. No fee.
Lone Star College-University Center at Montgomery
16053 W 11/16 11 a.m. - 12:50 p.m. Haydel

The Earth: Planet of Fire and Ice
With the aid of videos and short discussions of modern geological theories, you will learn how the earth was formed. The first session is an overview and the others describe the ice shields, volcanic activity and plate movement that created the earth that we know. Develop a basic understanding of current theories of the earth’s formation and that the earth will continue to change in future times.
3 Sessions. No fee.
16052 TuTh 9/13 - 9/22 11 a.m. - 12:50 p.m. Jones/Wagner
See you Saturday --- Thanks for your support!

Curt Gibby
Director, Third Saturday Seminar
P. O Box 73207
Houston, Tx 77273

P.S. As usual if anything in this notice doesn't make sense, please let me know. (You won't be the first, I will appreciate it and say, "Thank you," Curt)